Aircon Maintenance Singapore

Aircon Maintenance Singapore

Maintaining your aircon (ac) is the practice of keeping your aircon clean, neat, functioning and ready to work at all time. Aircon maintenance can be done in many ways, by stipulating a working timing for it, monitoring it to know when it needs servicing, routine cleanup of its filters.

When you look into your air conditioner and care for it, understand how it works, know when to call the expert for servicing, for repair, and when the need to change one part of it is due. All these come under general maintenance of your aircon.

Not everyone has the time to observe and care for his residential aircon due to busy nature of our jobs and tight schedule. This is where Aircon Servicing Singapore come into the picture. We schedule monthly or quarterly checkup of your aircon and ensure its OK, considering how often you use it.

Common Problems for Not Doing Aircon Maintenance

Neglect your ac maintenance and risk your aircon in entirety. Like stated earlier, air conditioners work like the human; they need maintenance and care from time to time. Below are common problems or faults you’ll notice when an aircon lacks maintenance.

  • Aircon Leakage
    Aircon leakage may occur if you fail to maintain your air conditioner; this happens regardless of the brand of aircon you’re planning to buy or have already bought. You’d not want your aircon to leak either, because of the devastating effect it causes to your apartment; especially depending on the aircon type.
  • Aircon not Cold
    What else could have been the reason to buying an aircon when it would not emit coldness or cool air? All brands of aircon should do, but on the off chance that you fail to maintain your aircon; it would surprisingly stop cooling after a while.
  • Total aircon breakdown
    This may cost you more and hence you’d not want it to happen. When an aircon suddenly breaks down, chances are that you require it so importantly at that moment. And more so, it would be difficult for you to smell out the possible cause of the breakdown without the intervention of an aircon repair expert.

How to know when your Aircon needs Maintenance?

The very best way to know when your aircon would need maintenance is to have a standby professional aircon company. Aircon Servicing Singapore understands your aircon requirements, knows when you’re always in need and makes use of it. And thus would proffer an advice on maintenance and how often you should expect it. This is why it pays to have one trusted and reputable aircon expert.

What is involved in Aircon Maintenance?

In maintaining your air conditioner, there are several loads of work that requires to be done by our experts at Aircon Servicing Singapore. As stated earlier, chances are that hiring an experienced aircon repair contractor would do, or perhaps trained personnel. Here are some of the maintenance works involved in some of the larger aircon systems..

● Proper check for exact amount of refrigerant left
● Testing the aircon for refrigerant leaks via the use of (a leak detector) machines.
● Capturing refrigerant that must be taken away from the system into a safe vacuum, rather than polluting the atmosphere.
● Checking for seal duct leakage in the aircon central systems
● Measuring the amount of airflow via the evaporator coil

Why choose Aircon Servicing Singapore?

Aircon Servicing Singapore is a leading technology inspired general aircon repair and management company with more than two decades of experience. A trustworthy partner and competent in every aspects of aircon engineering and maintenance of commercial HVAC and home airconditioning systems.

With a sizable pool of customers entrusting us with their home and office routine aircon maintenance service contracts, we are poised to leverage on the economic of scale and expand our market presence with prompt support and solutions to all your aircon needs.

Enquire about our Aircon Maintenance Service Packages

Our team of airconditioning specialists are just a phone call away. Simply call our maintenance helpline (+65) 6817 4378 to enquire about our affordable packages, they will be happy to assist you with all your service contracts requirements.

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