Aircon Not Cold Singapore

Aircon Not Cold Singapore

If you are experiencing aircon not cold problems, then it’s certain that a number of things has happened or gone wrong. One thing you’d have to know is this; aircon cooling problems are associated with temperature coming out of the refrigerated air conditioner. One way to figure out this is simply by switching off your aircon unit and lifting up the cover to see whether any ice is visibly in the front or at the back of the filter panel.

Aircon Not Cold Intermittently or Errantically

If your aircon is intermittently not cold, 2 possible scenarios could be the cause of the problem and is usually associated with the thermostat sensor.

1) Thermostat might have have been knocked out of place and may have not been fully secured back to its location after aircon servicing.
2) Thermostat sensors could be faulty and is intermittently not sensing or reading the temperature correctly.

To fix any of the above 2 issues, you should hire the services of an aircon repair company to ensure safety is never compromised. Speak with our friendly and reliable aircon experts on the phone and we’ll advise you what to do next.

5 Main Causes of Aircon Not Cold Problems

For aircon to stop cooling or not being cold is not a rare occurrence. It is a very common problem faced by all aircon owners – whether it is a home or an industrial air-conditioner.

Here are 5 main causes for aircons that are having ac cooling problems:

  • Dirty or Blocked Air Filters
    The aircon filters (green or grey color) are seen after opening the cover of the wall mount units. When there are visible dirt and dusts covering the surface of the green air filters, air cannot flow through the filter smoothly and at the appropriate air flow rate. This significantly reduces the cooling efficiency and capacity of your home or commercial aircon. To solve this, you can remove the filters and clean off the dusts with a brush or if you prefer you can call us to perform a professional aircon servicing.
  • Clogged Fan-coil Fins Due To Extended Use
    The silver fins can be seen after the green filters are removed. The fins may appear clean but it is actually clogged inside; in between the fins deep inside which cannot be seen from the surface. Therefore the airflow is impeded or blocked so the cooling cannot take place and warm air blows out. The solution is to dismantle the fan-coils from its location and perform a thorough chemical cleaning or overhaul. Call us to know more about our specialized process of aircon chemical wash by our specialists.
  • Not sufficient coolant
    The coolant or refrigerant in your aircon contributes immensely towards the coldness that your aircon exerts. When the level of the coolant becomes very low or insufficient, chances are that your aircon will stop cooling and will also not work. Many users would presume that an aircon gas top up will solve the cooling issue but this may not be an appropriate solution. A proper diagnostic should be done to check for refrigerant leakages within the system that may have caused the coolant to run low. If you encounter this fault, the next thing you should do is to switch off your aircon and call the attention of your aircon repair expert.
  • Defective compressor
    The aircon compressor is considered to be its heart and is interconnected to the conditioning units which is in charge of cooling your room. If the conditioner does not make your room cold after being on for some time, then the compressor might have become defunct.
  • Grimy or Dirty curls
    Your aircon will definitely stop cooling if the condenser cooling system is grimy and filled with debris. In your aircon, there is something we call a condenser – more like a radiator, its role is to dissipate the heat which has been filtered out from the air.

What To Do To Prevent Aircon Not Cooling Problems?

For owners and people who use their aircon daily, a good preventive measure to avoid having aircon not cold problems is to have routine aircon maintenance at regular intervals with a reliable and honest aircon service company.

Our aircon servicing experts will uncover these potential issues before aircon not cold problems hit you. They will use latest diagnostic tools to tackle it and make the necessary adjustments to prevent it.

Do not worry if you do not have regular servicing in place, just give us a call when this happen to you. For the sake of continued functionality and safety of your aircon; it is advisable to switch off the aircon.

Why choose Aircon Servicing Singapore?

Aircon Servicing Singapore are experts in repairing aircons that are not cold and we provide you feasible and affordable solutions to solve your aircon not cold problems. Our customers are delighted with our friendly services and effective work.

Engage us for peace of mind and a fuss free experience. Well, do not hesitate to give us a call if you have any difficulty trying to locate where the causes are because here at our Aircon Servicing Company we take accurate measures to explore all possible options that could lead to the root causes of your aircon problems.

Enquire about our Fix Aircon Not Cold Repair Service

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