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Aircon Cleaning Singapore

Aircon Cleaning Singapore

Aircon servicing does not have to do with repair or installation. Aircon cleaning specifically has to do with the cleaning maintenance and upkeep of your air conditioning systems.

AC cleaning is best entrusted into the hands of professional air conditioning service experts after the new aircon installation is completed in your home, offices or factory premises.

It is easy to feel tempted to hire for very cheap, undesirable servicing or cleaning practices. Avoiding them altogether is good for you will have a longer lasting air-conditioning system with lesser problems. It will save you both time and money resources in the long run.

15 Reasons Aircon Servicing or Cleaning is Necessary

You must keep in mind that servicing your aircon from time to time is A Must – as cleaning it will increase its lifespan and usefulness. Problems and repairs are usually lesser for air conditioners that are well maintained by professionals.

There are many aircon problems that could happen to your air conditioning system if you don’t service or clean it at the appropriate timing or intervals. 15 common ones are listed here:

      1. Dirt and dust will accumulate inside
      2. Air filters may be blocked or choked
      3. The air flow may start to slow down
      4. Utility consumption rise as cooling efficiency drops
      5. It will no longer be as cold as it used to be
      6. The air blowing out is not as strong as before
      7. Aircon will begin to blow warm air
      8. The air is no longer as refreshing in the rooms
      9. Air emitting out has a bad smelly odor
      10. Issues with aircon leaking water will start
      11. Aircon may turn on and off automatically
      12. Faults will surface due to faster parts failure
      13. It will become noisy and vibrate more
      14. It could break down anytime
      15. It will begin to look older than its age

All these problems could lead you to spend more on aircon repair without you realizing it. Costly repairs could be avoided by not neglecting regular aircon maintenance.

If any of you are now experiencing some of the above issues and you need help to solve them. Simply call aircon servicing and repair experts at (+65) 6817 4378 and we will attend to your cases shortly.

How Often is Aircon Cleaning Required?

Aircon cleaning is not something you do every day, but an exercise that must be observed every short while. Servicing will basically depend on how often you use your aircon – your aircon servicing expert is in the best position to tell you how often to call for a service.

Aircon servicing packages can come in various sizes such as quarterly cleaning or even bi-yearly service visits. So get advice to know which cleaning package is more suitable for you.

Talk with our aircon experts who are standing-by to hear from you. Call (+65) 6817 4378.

Types of Aircon Servicing

Inasmuch as aircon servicing is a recurrent exercise, there are several types of ways to do it. Some of those common ways to do aircon cleaning includes:

      • General Servicing
        Regular aircon servicing means thorough aircon check-up and evaluation; this may include cleaning up blocked filters areas, blowing grimes which may have blocked the cooling condenser system and clearing the clogged drain pipe.
      • Aircon Chemical Wash or Overhaul
        Aircon chemical wash has to do with cleaning up of several parts of the aircon using chemicals. For e.g., chemical cleaning and washing of the evaporator coils, air-conditioning external frontal covers and also the air conditioning air filters.
      • Routine Aircon Maintenance
        Maintenance comes under regular check-up and proffering advice and guidance on how a typical air condition should be treated so that it works better and lasts longer.

Our Brands Specific Aircon Servicing

The more common brands aircon service that we provide are:

Mitsubishi Aircon Servicing
Daikin Aircon Servicing
Panasonic Aircon Servicing
Fujitsu Aircon Servicing
Toshiba Aircon Servicing
LG Aircon Servicing
Sanyo Aircon Servicing
Sharp Aircon Servicing
Hitachi Aircon Servicing
Samsung Aircon Servicing
York Aircon Servicing
Carrier Aircon Servicing

Call our Service Hotline today and check out for our latest aircon servicing promotion and affordable maintenance packages.

Why choose Aircon Servicing Singapore?

Aircon Servicing Singapore are trusted by many owners and tenants to service the air conditioning units in their home and offices. Our aircon servicing prices are affordable and many customers are well pleased with the services rendered.

Under our professional care and supervision, you are certain to be in good hands whenever you engage us. Our specialists are well trained in all brands of air con and uses proven technology to deliver at your service call.

How to Enquire about our Aircon Servicing?

To find out about our latest aircon promotion, deals and affordable aircon packages, just pick up the phone and call our hotline (+65) 6817 4378 now. Our servicing agents are there to assist and serve your every need.

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